Jazz+Pirina (reading)                           Pirina (lead)            dir. Pirina Dzhupanova   Café Monroe, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Old Woman                                  Old Woman (lead) dir. Vyacheslav Firsov     St. Pauls Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

In The Boom Boom Room                   Chrissy (lead)         dir. Kern McFadden        Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC  

La Ronde                                              Actress (lead)        dir. Nathan Zebedeo     Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC    

Migration of The Salmon (reading)     Sylvia Plath (lead)                                         Art Foundation Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

_film and tv

Perspective                                                Nina (lead)                                                 Jeremy Chevillotte

Hope For Escape (feature film trailer)        Linda (lead)                                              Jon Russel Cring

Les Animaux Sauvages (music video)       Lead                                                          Joro Manov

Like You (short)                                          Dianna (supporting)                                   Jamie Hier

50 Shades Of Yellow (commercial)           Lead                                                           Anna Nesterova

Yuri Burlan (commercial)                           Lead                                                           Anna Nesterova

OFF The Runaway (pilot)                          Viktoria (co-star)                                         Vincent G. Palumbo

Feels Like Euphoria (short film)                Monica (lead)                                             James M. Perry

Cold (short film)                                         Grey (lead)                                                 Samantha Franco

Vamp Bikers DOS (independent film)      Wednesday (feature)                                  Eric Rivas

Oh My Godness (web series)                   Hecate                                                       Jeremy Chevillotte


Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC - 2-Year Full Time Conservatory (class of 2016)

Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC  - Sound Into Action workshop with Reginald Veneziano

Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC - Acting Technique workshop with Josh Rowe

Terry Schreiber Studio NYC - On Camera workshop with Peter Miner


stage combat

yoga (intermediate), kickboxing (beginner), classical ballet (beginner), modern dance (intermediate) 

modeling, painting, drawing

driver’s license (stick shift)

languages: Bulgarian (native), English (fluent) Italian (fluent), French (beginner), Spanish (beginner)

accents: Eastern European, Russian, French